Yo quiero ser pelotudo


Mambo was grew up since very small child between tropical fruits and caribbean rhythms, except reggeaton, He develop a special atraccion with balls, included smalls, mediums and larges balls and a prevailing needed to going outside to play with the rest of the world.... Once his mother asked him: " What do you want to be?" he answered:

(somenthing like: I wanna be a stuppid)

So he was born ¡Yo Quiero Ser Pelotudo!
A balls Mambo ryhthms show, crossing around the world delivering freshness at 40º degrees in the shade and peals of laughter with flavored coconut milkshake.

Technical Overview

Stage Space: 6x6 m. minimun
Sound: by artist.
Duration: 45 mins about.
Setup: 15 mins
Take down: 15 mins

Circo Mambo Sinopsis