Who is Mambo?

Since always, Mambo liked to transform the space around him on his own stage. He discovered this feeling when he started to work as an instructor at a children’s campsite. He used to convert the activities in the countryside into a funny show, so he realized that he loved to make people laugh.

Some time later, he decided to start his own career becoming a storyteller at different places in Granada. At the same time, he started his personal training as an actor and a clown. And that’s how he started his academic training at “La Seducción” theatre school, where afterwards he became a member of the company playing the children’s stage play “Te pillé Caperucita” (based on the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood) as the wolf. He also played a clown in the play for teenagers “Tuning”.

Straightaway, he became part of the “Teatrofilos’ children’s theatre company” also as a comical character called “Aitor Pena”.

After those experiences he decided to travel around the world giving out smiles, so he started with his own show “Yo quiero ser pelotudo” on the street, with which he now runs.

At the same time, he discovered the circus and continued his training for two years at the CAU (International Circus and Theatre Schoolf from Granada). Nowadays, Mambo continues offering smiles to people and increasing his artistic projects on different fields like cinema. He participated in different short films as “El juego de la wii-jah” which won the public award of the III Atheist Short Films Festival.

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